Saturday, February 13, 2016

423 Incidents of Political Violence Involving the UPDF on Foreign Land

One candidate who delayed his entrance to the stage for over a minute, may have jinxed the Uganda presidential debate thing for those of us watching from outside countries. My NTV live stream died right about then and remains off.

But, speaking of Uganda's foreign policy, here is a map showing some 423 foreign battles that the UPDF has engaged in over the last 18 years. Data Credit: ACLED. It is a University of Sussex project that curates (from the media and other sources) reports of battles and other forms of political violence.

If you click a bulb, you will see some notes on what the incident was. I have colour coded battles with other armed forces as yellow. Yellow also includes instances of remote violence; like air strikes and large explosive attacks. Green is for incidents that are related to conflict but not violent themselves -- like setting up a base. Red is for violence against civilians and rioters/protestors. 

For Somalia, I have included only those incidents that were specifically attributed to the UPDF, not all AMISON action. Evidently, I have excluded domestic incidents. You can see the domestic picture in an earlier blog here.  

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