Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes I Pray

I am not a religious person. I never could bring myself to believe in big brother up above watching and waiting to reward or punish. I all too often get no reward for good deeds and about as often get away with certified evil. It doesn't add up.

But I understand the need to be religious - to believe in a thing higher than yourself. Infact, I some times cap a religious feel. In those moments when I am tongue tied with gratitude for a substantial gain in my life, I quickly invent or borrow the God of Israel and thank him for the blessing. In the thin hour when I have tried everything I can but failure still remains eminent, I ask the Lord to take over. Even in that moment, I don't believe that God of Israel exists and cares about my little world's valleys and hills. But then again, I never objectively believed myself to be drowning in a pair of eyes yet I have quite a few times successful convinced a guy and myself that was the case.

Today is one of those days when I chose to pray. I pray because it is 1am and a dull pain lies idling in my chest. I know not where it comes from, why it comes and when it intends to leave. Does it intend to leave at all? I pray because if I don't make believe that someone or something bigger than myself can take control of the situation, I just might take matters into my own hands. I will pray for no one likes the sight of bloodied hands.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My theory on why a pack of condoms has three pieces

In most things, I am an average girl. I never fail but am also rarely excellent. But there are a few things I excel at. One of those things is that I think as fast as I can speak especially when the subject is off colour. Today, I got just the moment to shine.

This being World AIDS day, the AIDS Information Centre came by our office and placed packs on condoms in the loos. Which got one of my workmates wondering, “Why does a pack of condoms contain three pieces. Why not four, one, two , five or ten even?” He asked just the right person on such subjects – me. I didn’t even have to think about it or catch a breath before I answered.

It is genius marketing. We all know that the average guy can do two rounds. So, for purposes of protection please don’t give him only one condom. But you want him to buy the thing. You gotta falter to persuade him. So you throw in a third to make him feel like you think he is more than the average guy in these things. Now, don’t make it five. The customer will feel small – like his two rounds fall far too short of the expectation. God help your product if you cram some 10 pieces into that pack!

Hehe! I am so proud of myself. I think on my feet! Griiiin!