Journalism Archive

Below are some of the stories I have reported since 2007. 

Quartz Africa

  1. Cities like Kampala expose the limits of Uber and other ride sharing apps
  2. Uganda has thrown an academic in jail over a "buttocks" insult to President Museveni
  3. Uganda is abandoning solar powered buses to build diesel trucks instead
  4. Cancer is on the rise in Africa just as some of the few radiotherapy centres fall apart
New Vision
  1. Mulago patients die waiting for surgery
  2. Mulago's nuerosurgery department gets equipment worth $1m
  3. Mulago to train brain surgeons
  4. Witnessing open heart surgery
  5. Drug inspectors complain of poor facilitation
  6. Lamentations of being a drug inspector
  7. Why you should not rush for a quinine jab
  8. UPC seeks to reconcile with Buganda
  9. Why UPC is courting Buganda again
  10. Ugandan returns after 47 years
  11. Kuteesa, Sekikuubo divide Sembabule
  12. The seven theories on why MP Kajeke quit
  13. Historical Court Cases: Ssebagala is jailed in the US
  14. Child alcoholics on the rise
  15. Alcohol policy in offing
  16. The elderly live sad lives
  17. Domestic violence: Over 80 spouses killed in 2008
  18. To abolish or uphold bride price?
  19. Rare eclipse of the sun in Uganda tomorrow
  20. Ugandans cautioned about viewing the eclipse 
  21. Archbishop Lwanga backs land bill
  22. 2008, the most expensive year
  23. Prices to go higher in 2009
  24. Arrest Jamwa, Kagonyera - MPs
  25. China opposes Kony arrest
  26. Kabaka should not go - Govt
  27. 97 more charged over city riots
  28. Corruption more rampant in Uganda, says international report
  29. Should the Constituency Development Fund be scrapped?
  30. Do MPs deserve sh15m a month?
  31. Analysing progress after 47 years of independence
  32. Elephant victim gets 110 stitches
  33. Is Egypt land deal a blessing or curse for Uganda?
  34. Ugandans delay in testing for HIV - study
  35. Uganda's fertility rate highest in Africa
  36. Breastfeeding is still a grey area for Ugandan mothers
  37. 70% of Ugandans were born during Museveni's leadership
  38. Clara Nalumansi, the first recorded woman martyr
  39. Does government sponsorship benefit the needy?
  40. Land wars threaten 30 districts
  41. Is swine flu screening too late?

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