Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Of Course, I'm A Little Person

For a decade, I have wanted to be a single mum who rocks that shit and all the other shit too. You might think that's the 'have it all' baggage that all feminist women seem to carry around. It isn't. What it is, is a middle finger stuck straight up at the father of my child. Look, I loved that man. I thought he loved me too. Then, he abandoned me, pregnant, because he figured it would set his life behind. I want to be richer than that guy.  I want to take out of parenting, not just my share of the joy, but all of his too. Then I want to have a career so intellectually exotic to him, that he can't even pronounce my job titles. So, there. In case you were wondering what drives me.

Now, I want to marry my soulmate and throw an intimate cozy reception for family only; except I will invite my biological father to it, even though he really isn't family. In another human being, that would be extending the proverbial olive branch. An old man ought to be forgiven the mistakes of his youth. True. But then again, if your mistake is an entire person, me; tough luck. I will be inviting my father to my intimate wedding reception so he can watch me dance with my husband and stepdad, in turns, to this song.

So right; as far as warmth on the inside goes, I come down at this: