Tuesday, April 25, 2017

68 Ugandan Writers Call on Government to Drop the Charges Against Dr Stella Nyanzi

I co-sign here to safeguard my own interest as a writer, journalist, Muganda who would like to continue using the full vocabulary of my mother tongue (including #Lutako :)), and a feminist who knows that feminine display of emotion is often censored as unsuitable for contesting the public space.

But above all that, I co-sign as a Ugandan who is deeply concerned with the shortcomings of our government and their implications on the lives and prospects of ordinary Ugandans, especially the young ones. I would like the truth of those implications, spoken to the government, through all peaceful means available to ordinary Ugandans: protests, high minded logical argument, colourful language, art, journalism, boycotts, etc. On that note, I couldn't agree more with the co-signer who says, “Mr. Museveni and his wife need to know that they are leaders, not gods. They have fallen short, and it must be made known to them. Stella Nyanzi spoke to their shortcomings, as a citizen, artist, writer, journalist, mother, taxpayer, Ugandan and educator. She is not on trial but rather Mr. Museveni and Janet Museveni are on trial for not respecting the law and not respecting the words (promises) that come out of their mouths. Nyanzi must be released.”

Update on the case: Dr Stella Nyanzi, has appeared at Buganda Road court today, April 25th, 2017 but that case has been adnjourned to allow the High Court to review the application earlier filed by the state to have her undergo a psychiatric evaluation.