Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oh Nai

You are the thick silence of the rift valley
on a long bus ride in a dark starry night
you are hope that he'll ask and I'll say yes
you are the pained confusion of a night years ago
when I deflected as he made to pop the question
for how could I say yes, when mama lived so far
yet how could I say no, when I'd travelled so far
Oh Nai ---you are home that never became home

And now he runs breathless across the street
he holds me tight, kisses me lightly on the lips
in the car, he tells me of her & a marriage to come
he speaks of the newness in being called daddy
we cruise the highway like in a date with the past
we laugh like the old friends we always will be
i say I'll return to put his marital plans to the test
we park & kiss; passionately soft like old married folks
"return soon," he demands;
"i will," I lie to, for both of us
Oh Nai --- you are home that will never be home

I've got new love back home;
much too much to lose
he's a little girl's daddy now;
much too much to steal
Oh Nai ---you are home that was only ever a dream


  1. Ohhh Nai why did you refuse to be this lovely lady's nest.

  2. Ahya! The confessions come tumbling out.

    1. Yii... Bob, you of all people should know I am a creative writer.