Wednesday, April 7, 2010

She sings like Sgt Kifulugunyu but looks cute all the same

I usually hold my blog to journalistic standards so I try not to gush about my daughter too much. But here is one video worth gushing about. I hope you can stream video. This sure is worth it.

Now I will explain why I have not been blogging for this long. Naye do you need me to?

Anyhow, I got this job where two of my bosses are mzungus. You have no idea. They think even me am an expat without a life outside work. I hope that explaination suffices. More, next time.


  1. lol...your bosses think you are an life outside know what you mean...what happened to the vid

  2. Oh my God..........this just made me laugh so hard.
    Yo daughter doing the Buganda anthem. Such a sweet little thing.

  3. your daughter is sooo sweet!!
    i should load vids of my 4-yr old singin in Kinyarwanda and in Persian (his parents' mother-tongues which he does not speak at all) its just as funny.
    How old is your little doll?

    your expatriate bosses think YOU are the expat? upside down world you are living in!

  4. That is so funny. She's well impressed with her own performance too. Hahaha. Priceless

  5. Oh am so glad this eventually played. I have watched it a hundred times and still tear with laughter each time.
    Three going on four but that video was recorded a little while ago.
    Can't wait for your son's vid MamaZam

  6. Just a cameo from Rabadaba and beats from Swangz Ave and we have a hit.

  7. i have seriously bookmarked this brain just gets the right more gym!

    1. I hadn't seen this in quite a while. Now am crying with tears of amusement. I should load a sequel. These days she sings J-Lo & Hanna Montana hits. We have upgraded from patriotism to coolness.

  8. amazing ball of sunshine you have there! awww!